Hatch Gradient in Human not harmonious (Pufferfish, Human)


I am trying to bake gradient geometry by converting them into hatches in Human, to be exported into illustrator.

Problem is that the gradient is not as perfect when baked as when previewed.

Is there a way to fix this in Human? Or another way to export the hatches to illustrator / Photoshop. In this exercise the shapes could be exported into image files, the vectors might not be needed as long as the image is the same size as the geometry


// Philip

Human Gradient.gh (32.9 KB)

it is a bit strange when baking I haven’t this problem in Rhinoceros Version 7 (7.4.21040.13001, 2021-02-09)

I have the problem in V6

The file done in V7 in V6 and no problem in V6
hatches.3dm (1.4 MB)

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Thank you! I will get a trial of V7 and see if it works

Many thanks