Has anybody attempted to simulate earthquake structural behavior in Grasshopper?

I’m doing a research in seismic design and I want to use Galapagos to get to the best possible solution in solution space. But I want the structure’s performance in seismic activity to be the driving factor. How would I go about simulating seismic activity in grasshopper?

Thanks in advance.

or you could look at the various links to external analysis software that can do seismic analysis.


Thank you for the response. I will check them out. In your experience do any of these have a preset on simulating seismic activity or do I have to manually create a series of forces and their location / direction / intensity?

I believe that any meaningful seismic simulation is not going to be a simple preset in any software, and will require a significant level of structural understanding.

I was referring to the seismic forces side of the simulation, not the structural response to those forces. I’m wondering If I have to educate myself on seismology and how tectonic plates move and how their forces translate to the surface and their location / direction / intensity for me to able to simulate these scenarios. If any other software such as Tekla Structure Designer, ETABS, etc. take care of these aspects and I could export the results in a csv file perhaps, It would be a more sustainable approach.