Hard edges on SubD from STL-Mesh


I am trying to generate a SubD from an STL-Mesh at Rhino 7 through Remesh function with Detect Hard Edges and SubD Crease option. It seems like some of the edges are not identified as a hard edge. I couldn`t find an option, where one can set e.g. face angle or tolerance, so that all desired edges are going to be found.
I appreciate your tips.

Thanks and Regards,
Can Kayacan

Hi Can, - please post an example, the simpler the better.


Hi Pascal,

Below an example from the model. On the left side the STL-Data and on the right side the remeshed data with “Detect Hard Edges” option enabled. Some sharp edges like at the bottom plate as well as the edges of the bolt bosses are smoothened, although the adaptive size is set to 100%.

Hi Can -

Please provide a 3dm or stl file that can be checked.