Hand / Hand Glove reflection issue

I’ve got this problem with SubD reflection option when I want to reflect any surface, I do it somehow by luck (mirror is easier since it has preview) and finally I’ve made it. but when I extend, it splits up. Please assist me to understand the problem. I appreciate it.
Untitled.3dm (484.9 KB)

Not sure how you exactly extruded that, but you have some overlapping geometry. I think you may have made a poor selection when starting to extrude, and did it several times.

Remove the extruded part, including the extra two faces and extrude again:

_SelEdgeRing on bottom and top

Delete the selection

Sub-object select the two faces (ctrl+shift+click or cmd+shift+click)

Delete the selection

Sub-object select the edge (ctrl+shift + double click, or cmd+shift+double click)

Extrude with the dot on the green gumball axis

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Thanks JesterKing. That’s really helpful. I don’t know how I came up with that (out-of-shape) shape, but I’ll try what you’ve just told me. I’ll try to make it following your steps. Please give me the credit to get back and ask if in case I couldn’t make it. Thanks!

Edit: Just made it! awesome. Thanks JesterKing