Hand Capsule recycling screw

This is a render of my hand screw to recycle the coffee capsule.
Render with VrayforRhino 3.6

and this the 3Dprinted version in action.


Very interesting! Could you maybe explain a little how it works? Is it part of a bigger machine?

I’m glad you like it.
It’s as simple as that: a screw that can drill the capsule to extract the (majority) of the coffee leaving the aluminum.

This way you can separate the materials and recycle them better. Here in Italy you can’t put this kind capsule into the aluminum.


I’d say: time for aeropress :slight_smile:

But rendering is nice


glad you like the rendering.

Is it the Aeropress your design?

I wish it was. But it’s my favorite piece of equipment for filter brew.
Aeropress is invented by Alan Adler:

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just a spoiler :smiley: for the vegans here, you guys know that they put chicken protein in those nespresso capsules for the fancy foam of it… it is very difficult to find the actual ingredients for these :wink:

oh and that leeched coffee can be used as a fertilizer for your home plants, just use very little and kneed it into the soil well since its prone to mold fast. i usually separate the foil with the fingers… that indeed is a horrifying adventure each time…


hah… that is the same guy who invented these fancy aerodynamic frisbees… cool