Half bricks on edges of brick structure

Hello again!

I’m almost done with the structure for my final project, but there’s one last thing I’m struggling with. On the screenshot you can see that the structure doesn’t have a good ending/beginning of some layers of bricks. I want to fill the gaps between those layers with half bricks so that both edges of the structure are nice and even.

Can somebody help me with this? I’ll be forever grateful! :smiling_face_with_tear:

Thanks in advance!

brickstructure_half bricks.gh (31.7 KB)

Hi Emilie,

Here is one idea, not fully parametric but you’ll get the idea. I used a simple extrusion as I’m missing a lot of plugins.

Basically, I add the start/end points when necessary and Orient a smaller box there.
Depending on the parity of the amount of boxes on each row, the start/end boxes may have to be added on the same level, or on different levels. This can be changed by switching the inputs of the List Items at the end. It could be done automatically… I’ll leave that to you :smiley:
Also, to preserve a regular gap, the boxes have to be smaller than half a standard box, so I added a slider there.


brickstructure_half bricks.gh (38.5 KB)