Guys, how to make such layout as like in the following?

Work of Arav Kumar.
What kind of recorder does he use you think? CamStudio?
Snapshots per angle? Are those colors from Google Earth?

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Judging from the video, most of it seems to be captures straight from the Rhino viewport and perhaps post-processed to overlay effects and text, for instance in After Effects.
For the isometric footage, he might have used a simple, rendered background picture (as a texture ?) with geometry (i.e. curves, meshes, etc.) on top. Can be kinda deciphered here.
Some footage, like the turntables most certainly stem straight from ZBrush.
Other more realistically rendered clips from the beginning or the end of the video could be done with TwinMotion or any other animation CG app (i.e. Maya, Cinema 4D, Vray in Rhino, etc.).

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