Gumball planes more visible please


This has been brought up before, but I keep running into it:

The Axis plane indicator appears to have a threshold for visibility based on view angle.
I really wish for that to be lowered or customizable so the indicators are visible at more shallow angles.

Current behaviour makes it hard to position objects in the more sideways or horizontal plane as either indicator in the less shallow planes will have visibility priority.

I’m not sure how to best solve this but my suggestion would be to allow for a customizable setting for view-angle.(If my assumption is correct and that is directing visibility).

I imagine it would be named something like Plane visibility angle varying from 0 to 90


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Nice idea Willem, I filed it as RH-21460, this report is not public at this time. Thanks!

quite some time passed on this one - is there any news?
Implementing this would be a big timesaver for everyone using the gumball. Most other 3d packages have their planes visible and active close to 90 deg.

This feature was added for release in v6… you can read the developer notes on it here if you’re interested. Essentially it’s controlled by an angle setting to the view.

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