Gumball Plan

Hi all,

in Rhino8 it is possible to find/extract the gumball plan?

What do you mean by “extract” ?

if I select an object and align the gumball based on it it would be possible to recover
the coordinates or better yet extract the plane(s) of how the gumball is oriented

in Gh if I bake a plane, I end up with an srf oriented according to the plane. (this is what I mean by extracting)

Try the command option _CPlane Gumball

Is this a Rhino, Scripting or Grasshopper question?

Native Rhino does not have the concept of a “plane” object. Therefore one cannot really “extract” it. One can for example use CPlane>Gumball to set the active CPlane to the Gumball’s current CPlane.

With scripting it is possible to get the actual plane (programming) object from the Gumball consisting of an origin point and 3 vectors.


but in this case it modifies the C-plane while I would be interested in knowing the orientation of the object without modifying my plane


so would it be possible to extract the Gumball plan via Python script?
ok I’ll see if I can :+1:

You could _CPlane>Gumball and then save this as Named CPlane.

Then revert to the World Top plane or whatever other plane you want.

OK @martinsiegrist in Rhino after @Helvetosaur told me that it was not possible to extract the plan directly, in the meantime I see how to do it in Python, I tried another way following your suggestion, I set the plan based on the object, I create an srf and then I cancel the change to the plan.

I believe that manually is a rather artisanal but functional way
thanks for replys :+1:

Yes, that leads to a similar result.

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