Gumball Menu Not Working In Latest SRC

Right clicking to launch the gumball options menu stopped working after the last release candidate (6.6.18156.11421). I finally figured out how to enable the v5 style menu ball (change display size from 0 to 4).

Hi Eric - the Gumball right click menu now follows the context menu delay as set in Options > Mouse.


My delay option is set to 250ms. Whenever I right click now, it repeats the previous command.

Hello - and… click-n-hold… does that work? Should be the same as for the menus in Options > Context Menu.


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Yes…I obviously never used context menus before.

P.S., it took me a few days to get used to it, but I love the way this works now.

  • Right-click -> last used command.
  • Right-click with a brief hold anywhere on the gumball -> gumball options.

Gumball menu appearance size has been set back to 0.

Thank you for this information. Now I see that gumball options from the center of Gumball works with a slight time hold.

I find it hard to zoom into that tiny gumball center and then wait for the options window to pop up. What happened to the gumball stem that used to stick out from the center which was much easier to find and click?

Not sure this will help, but you can bring back the old menu ball by changing the size from 0 to however large you want, in gumball settings

You can change the appearance options (Modeling Aids -> Gumball). It’s much easier/cleaner to just right click and hold anywhere on the gumball you can see.