Featur Request (Gumball Relocate option)

sometimes clicking on the white circle (menu) is impossible with a messy model.
it’d very helpful if ‘Relocate Gumball’ option was included in the context menu
for the gumball button on the status bar.

Yes hard to see sometimes. Also right click on the gumball button on the status bar under settings, you can change the size of the menu ball (and color just above)


This might help in the mean time

you can configure an alias using !_RelocateGumballrelocate

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@Fred_C I’ve messed w those settings ; )

@DiegoKrause cool! that def helps in the mean time thx!
I think its actually _GumballRelocate

in V6 maybe, in v5 is like the capture.

gotcha! yep I’m on 6 thnx!

Hi All - you can right-click-n-hold on any Gumball element for the same menu.



thnx @pascal