Gumball. Mcneel what are you waiting for?

Emilio and the Italian mixexperience group started a hand-made push/pull tool.

We would like to see this functionalities integrated with the gumball.
What are you waiting for? :wink:

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We are waiting for you to write the code. Get on it!. :wink:


YES, I can write the cove.

Being serious: are you thinking to add the subtraction function to the Gumball? This would be a very good options!


How do you envision this subtraction function working?
What problem would it solve for you?

This is already possible if you Split with a curve and then Join before sub-object modeling the trimmed section downward. Is this too complicated?

@BrianJ: thanks Brian, Yes I know it’s possible to split the face and have the right result. I’m wondering if will be possible to do this directly by the Gumball. The Gumball was a huge workflow improvement in v5, I’m a real fan, but, most of the time, next to the extrusion you have to combine the part with Union or Difference.

@dale: IMO as I am saying to Brian most of the time next to the Gumball Extrusion you would like to add or subtract the created geometry form the rest. I think that we can get a rid of the splitting part and have directly the final result.

Let’s imagine:

  • select the crv
  • Drag it
  • click once the CRTL button (for example, or
    may be the SHIFT)
  • release or insert a distance

and voilà, automatically you get the result of Extrusion+Boolean in once. (depending on the direction you are dragging).

@emilio did a very fast script and isn’t so complex to get this result, of course we don’t have enough knowledge of programming to be able to create a properly working tools. But only with script it’s good enough.

Thank to consider my request.
Hope to meet you in person at RM10 !

I think the main problem here is the lack of enough modifier keys to allow this stuff to happen - ctrl, alt and shift are already pretty overloaded when it comes to Gumball functions…


Perhaps… but I’m not sure how you would deal with multiple curves and surfaces especially when the curve might not lay on the surface. Specifically, would a curve need to be assigned to one polysrf as a known cutting tool? This would require more UI and ultimately may be more complicated than how it works now but I’m just thinking out loud here.

@Mitch: yes you probably are right. What if this become a alone tools? Do you think could help? In all the other sw (Skp, Spaceclaim, Acad, etc…) it’s a specific tool that does only the extrusion+add/subtraction.

@Brian: yes you are right, the problem to solve are many. We found, primarly 3 situation:

  • flat Srf with laying crv
  • Smooth Srf laying crv
  • Smooth Srf with non laying

The third situation it’s more complex to solve.

For multiple curve could the tool ask to select what’s the resulting part like in the Boolean Curve and Boundary Hatches…

Just a thought.

I don’t love gumball. I love flexible and simple Rhinoceros native transform operations. I wish a gumball never come into my practice :slight_smile: .

Just blame it on kids. Listen to all the married people, especially the ones with kids.

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