Gumball Issues

I’ve had a couple of Gumball issues:

  • After switching in and out of TSplines edit mode several times, the Gumball will no longer work. You can select an object, the gumball will appear, but it will not move. I customized my button for turning TSplines edit mode on to turn gumball off and vice versa. Restarting Rhino solves the problem.
  • When the gumball is set to align to object, why does it correctly find the bounding box center of some objects but not others?

  • When gumball is set to align to object and only two control points are selected, why does it not align itself properly so that if scale were used, the points move in a line towards or away from each other?

Hi Eric- Extrusion objects have a built-in sort of alignment that other similar looking objects that are not extrusions do not. Gumball is currently set to find the extrusion axis.

Scale with shift (3d scale) should do what you want here.


I try to use service releases, but the gumball issue was so weird I installed the latest service release candidate last night and all is back to normal except for selecting two control points.

@pascal, I could use shift to scale them, but I also use the axis for moving them.

I also have the issue with T-Splines. It’s really annoying. Once I used T-Splines, the gumball only works in the Perspective viewport.

What’s the problem here?