Gumball gone gaga on curve points?

Latest build Version 5 SR10 64-bit
(5.10.41001.13395, 10/1/2014)

Either I’ve clicked a strange setting or Gumball has lost the plot on latest build.
To replicate:
Draw any old curve and turn on points and then try moving some with the gumball arrows. In my case, an X axis move does a hybrid X, Y and Z move.

No strange CPlanes or anything. I can’t work this one out.


Hi Steve- if Gumby is set to align By Object, then control points align to U (red/X) and curve or surface normal (Blue/Z)

Does that explain it?


Hi Pascal, No it wasn’t align by object, it was doing it with align by Cplane and world as well

I think it’s a T-splines issue. I was using Tsplines earlier this morning. I often have the T-Splines manipulator aligned to UV and that can throw gumby even if I’m no longer in TS mode.

A restart on Rhino fixed it.

Cheers, Steve

Yep that’s it for sure, just tested.
Tspline Build 3.4r8555(64)

Set Tsplines drag mode to UV, do some edits with the TS manipulator and close TS edit mode.

Now gumby is gaga

No problem with TS world or Cplane drag mode though.