Guid to Point3d

I have used “rs.RotateObject” to generate a point(a guid of a point). and i have a point (Point3d).
i want to use “rs.AddCurve” to add a curve to my Rhino but this is the error I have gotten from:

I wonder if someone knows the solution for that


Well, it sounds like you’re still trying to pass a GUID (probably a Rhino point in the document) and not a Point3d. I don’t know what your function CurveDivider() returns (you don’t show it), but check what’s actually in the list points that you are getting from that function.

but is there any way yo convert these two(Guid and point,d) to each other?
in my case “Point_on_Barriers” is a list of point3d
“g” is a Guid coming from “rs.RotateObject”

the weird thing is based on the Help
“rs.AddCurve” can work with both point3d and Guid (if i have understood right)

The easiest way is probably to use


That’s because most of the rhinoscriptsyntax methods that can take points use rs.coerce3dpoint internally.

it does not work

Dunno, this works here:

import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs
pt_id=rs.GetObject("Pick a point object",1,preselect=True)
print type(pt_id),pt_id
print type(my_pt),my_pt