Grouped block instance, where to look for number in group?

I have a ring of rivets, first was given block command, then array polar. ok’d and grouped.

1 week later…I forget how many I chose for the command.

I need to see how many are in that ring. Select the group and go properties, but amidst a lot of data which is far deeper than the basic data, I dont see indication of number of instances.

is there any way of finding this out ?


On the command line, when you select the group, it should tell you “x number of block instances selected” - no?

It’s a group - not that that necessarily makes any difference.

To spell it out: if you cross select (LMB dragging right to left) over one of the items in the group, Rhino will display how many object that are added to the selection.


nothing appears

try that, having firstly had to make it wireframe, else I end up dragging the surface they sit on ! and behold it says 42 block instances and one polysurface, so selecting poly and hiding it, and try again, 42 block instances .

Must remember that one ! click selection was my default brain decision, not drag select.


Something wrong there. Normally when you select any object, group, block, whatever, Rhino reports what is selected on the command line.


Hi, seems so, just drew some spheres grouped and yes says above the line one types in, the qty.

ditto spheres as block.

All I did was boolean difference a sphere, then use block, then arrayPolar and group them.


Hi Mitch,
yes I get that also with such a basic test so its working as such in that way.

I have found it worked on another group of rivet tops, but then another group also failure, these are all formed from a single block instance sphere in each case, different sphere each time, then rotated about a centre, then boolean differenced with the surface they sit on/in to create rivet tops. I wonder if such is to blame, shouldnt be , but thats what I have.