Group toggle issue

Dear @andheum ,

Thank you for your amazing work and plugins.

I was recently fascinated with the Group Toggle function and started implementing it in my workflow.

If I create a new empty file, it functions well for me. However, in some of my files it sometimes does not work. It changes the color, when I press it, but no blocking action follows. And after a couple of rhino restarts, it is working again. And after a while it stops responding.

What I also noticed, that those, lets call them “unstable” files all have telepathy components in them. Sometimes I just delete all “telepathy” panels and it works. Could there be any conflict or something I have been doing wrong?

Any help and potential directions to look into in order to make it work would be very much appreciated. Both plugins are very nice and it would be a best case scenario to continue using both functions. Many thanks!


hmm — that’s odd. I don’t expect any conflict between telepathy and the group toggle. Could you post or send me a file that’s exhibiting the strange behavior?