Group Origin Point affected by Families/Other geometry


I have a model group of a unit where some window families hosted within the walls result in changes to the bounding box, and thus the origin point.

This is a pain as I am orienting these model groups many times using a center plane in Rhino, and due to the origin point being off center, resulting in incorrect model group positions.

I have tried multiple ways around this issue:

  1. Revit links with origin point - while it is using instancing, this counterintuitively severely degrades performance and is difficult to edit. However this fixes the position.

  2. Moving all family geometry/annotation onto the “interior”. This does not work with any families with elements that protrude outside.

Can I also ask which elements affect the family bounding box within a group?

  1. Using Revit links, then manually binding. This breaks the parametric link.

As far as I know, Rhinoinside cannot access Group origin, nor add elements to groups after they have been created.

Any other workarounds… could experts please let me know!

I have partially solved this issue:

  1. Generate 2 model groups from a Revit link: geometry that doesnt affect the bounding box, and the full model group.
  2. Get a vector based on the two center points,
  3. Vector translation at the end of the orient.

This is very tedious, and results in a lot of extra placeholder geometry in the file.

Please can revit add group editing into its API soon!