Group name disappear after creating new group

Hi, I am wondering if someone know how to fix this problem? I renamed the group in Grasshopper but after I create a new group, the name I created for the previous group disappeared. I tried to do this in a new Rhino and new grasshopper file but the same thing happened. Can someone please give me some advice on this issue?

Thank you.

Base Cabinets Grasshopper Parametric Architecture and (28.3 KB)

don’t know exactly what workflow you are using to create the group and name it, anyway I use the following, and never experienced name changes or anything like that

  1. select the component to group
  2. right click anywhere on gh empty canvas (not on a component)
  3. select “Group”
  4. right click on the colored area of the group you have just created
  5. write the name to assign to that group on the very first line

once you have done that, you can create a selection window to take both the component and the group area around it, and ctrl+c ctrl+v to create copies with the very same group name:

I’m on Version 7 SR35 (7.35.23280.19001, 2023-10-07)