Group lines that intersect a common point

GROUP LINES THAT INTERSECT A POINT.3dm (91.5 KB) I have a large number of planar surfaces and I’m trying to understand how they intersect each other. Specifically I would like to find places where two surfaces intersect a shared single surface. I used the Brep Brep intersection component to get the lines at their intersections. Next I used to Collision Many component to find the intersections of these lines.

I want to group the lines that intersect at a common point. I have been running into a problem where I can only group intersecting lines that also share a common surface. I am looking for cases where three lines intersect a point but don’t share a common surface.

Any help with this would be much appreciated. ThanksGROUP LINES THAT INTERSECT A|attachment (230.0 KB)GROUP LINES THAT INTERSECT A (230.0 KB)

hi @davidchristiankoch,
seems your file upload failed.

Thanks for pointing that out. They should work now.

I’m not sure if my question was clear. Here’s a screen shot of the kind of intersection I’m looking for. I want to find groups of three lines that intersect at the same point. Thanks again!

That is a “variation” (of some sort) on ccx events clustering. See attached. (130.0 KB)

this is premium content :scream:
I was going to post my solution but felt ashamed and wrote this instead <3

Thanks Peter, you saved the day for me again. At first I couldn’t get your solution to work on my lines but I figured out I had duplicate lines from the plane intersect operation. After I removed the duplicates it worked perfectly.

Thanks again!

Oops! my bad: I should implement an optional bananas input check on that one. Meaning that a trad update is required. That said this is written in the middle of nowhere (vacations for ever etc etc) : IndexOf used is very slow and very crude.