Group Geometry Based on a Closest Point

Hi All,

I’m trying to group geometry based on proximity to a specific point.

I’ve set up a grid with 100 squares and randomly placed 5 points within the grid. I took the center point of each square and found which of the five points it is closest to. I now want to group these squares based on which of the five points they are closest to.

I’ve attached a screenshot that shows which squares are closest to which points (shown by a line from center to point). I’m unsure now how to group the squares. Ideally I would have five groups of geometries to work with.

Thank you for your help!

closest (9.5 KB)

Hi Ethan,

I appreciate your effort. I was looking for a way to group the squares by which point they are closest to. The lines were just there as a visual guide to show which point the squares were closest to.

Attached is a screenshot showing that each square has a corresponding point that it is closest to. I want to group the squares based on that point but I’m not sure where to go from here.

closest (18.5 KB)

thank you so much!