Simple Closest Points Grid

Hi all,

I have several grids of circles from which I extract the center points (around 8500 in total), but I am unable to find a simple solution to use these ecenter points to create a grid (points connecting with a maximum distance of 3.1 units).

Attached is an example of what I’m trying to do (done manually) and the GH & Rhino file.

Appreciate the help, thank you,


grids.3dm (8.2 MB) (176.3 KB)

This is a strange problem… I finally resorted to SrfSplit, which as you can see, is very slow (1.3 mins.). But it works, eh? (194.0 KB)

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If you just want lines, use Proximity 3D with the good max distance. (179.7 KB)

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Interesting but different in two ways:

  1. Mine are grouped such that each branch is a collection of nearby grids.
  2. Yours covers the hole where there is no grid, mine doesn’t.



When I replace SrfSplit and use Boundary as you did, I get the same result: (187.7 KB)

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@Joseph_Oster , apologies for the late reply, I’ve been using your solution all and it was exactly what I was trying to solve. I will post the result to show what you have helped me solve once I’m done. Much appreciated for your help once again! :grinning:

@laurent_delrieu Thanks for the effort, yours also works! :grinning:

I have yet to understand the implications of the difference between solutions as I have required it for simple step-by-step tasks, but thank you both.

@Joseph_Oster Here’s where you helped me save a day of work, thank you Joseph! :pray: