Grill like a photo


(Marcel) #1


Does anyone knows how I can do this on Rhino 5?

(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi Marcel - that would be a job for Grasshopper, possibly.


(Marcel) #3

Thank you Pascal.
This has convinced me to get Rhino 6 because it includes Grasshopper. I am good at Rhino 5 but I never learned Grasshopper so now I will.
Thanks again.

(Laurent Delrieu) #4

Hello for the grid you could use that
Or what was done here but it needs another transformation from 3D to 2D

(Marcel) #5

Thank you for your reply.
I cannot access it as it tells me: _“you connection is not private”

(Laurent Delrieu) #6

Hi and with this link ?
But grid inversion is what you need, it is very simple to make with grasshopper using point deform for Example. As it is interesting I will surely make something this weekend
You can still install grasshopper for Rhino 5.

There was a discussion on that on this forum

(Marcel) #7

Still not!

I must tell you that I don’t have GH yet. I just purchased Rhino6 and waiting to get it ( perhaps Monday). I just thought your link would have been a tutorial video.

(Laurent Delrieu) #8

Some images with squares

with hexagon

Portrait from

And first reference from
Marc Didou, Anamorfosi 4, 2013, acciaio corten, cm 75x60

(Marcel) #9

Merci Laurent. Je n’ai pas encore Grasshopper mais je l’aurai Lundi ou Mardei. Si vou pouviez me donner le script pour faire le “grill like a photo”, cela m’aiderais beaucoup.

(Laurent Delrieu) #10

here is the script. It uses a grid of closed polylines (it could be curves). These curves are then centered and inversed via a graph mapper. It is more versatile than the equation of inversion.

The second part remove outer curves and curves with a too big area.

And then image is created via classical Image sampler. The surface is done via mesh because it is faster than loft but it is quite long.

Happy experimentations
grid (627.4 KB)

Grill like a photo

For non-Grasshopper solutions, you could try the Flatworms plugin that was designed to explore curve-network based patterns: