GridView changing Cells values

Hello Rhino Developer, I am using a gridView control, and I want the user to be able to change the values in the columns, when the user changes the cell value, a panel should pop up and confirm that this act has been changed.

I have two situations: 1. changing a textboxCell (for example an object name that the user can change, and when it is changed I want the object’s name to change)

  1. changing a comboBox and to open a Panel for another dialog, once it is changed.

**I am not sure how to use the BindingChangedEventArgs, and how to call the event.

thank you for your answers!

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thank you, waiting for an answer.

My guess is if you clarified your question and made it more specific, perhaps with an example of what you have so far, you would get a response.

Maybe this should be in the Scripting category.
What tools are you using for coding?
It was not clear to me what the context of your question really is.

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Thanks for your reply, I am still trying to solve this.

I will to refer to the example of SampleCsEtoOrderCurvesCommand.cs
(rhino-developer-samples/SampleCsEtoOrderCurvesCommand.cs at 3179a8386a64602ee670cc832c77c561d1b0944b · mcneel/rhino-developer-samples · GitHub)

How can I change the curveObject.Name through the editable GridView Cell?

I hope my question is clearer now. Thanks in advance.

Here’s a link to how properties behave in C#

You’ll need to create setters for the CurveItem.Text (Line# 246) in the example you posted as well as make sure your text box is editable in the gridview vs read only (Line# 124).

Once you have that your CurveItem in your collection can be edited and you can modify your Rhino object’s attributes either when the dialog closes or when the setter gets set. Your choice.

thanks Trav, very helpful.