Green Lantern chibi character - Speed modeling

Hello again, another speed modeling, in this case, a bit longer, a bit complex than previous.
all the modeling process took me almost 3 hours
Since the videos are pretty heavy to upload here I share the links to youtube, anyway, there are some renders.
the first part is mainly about shapes and proportions where I focus on closed or single surface object to “sculpt” each one.

the second part is about solving the unions, transitions and small details

the hands and hair were the hardest ones and I’m don’t quite happy with them, especially the hands which seems a bit deformed.


looks good, i just wonder maybe it would be better to use FilletSrf instead of cutting the surfaces with a pipe to blend them.

it can be an option yes but with blendSrf i have more control to tweek some transitions instead of a arc tangecy.
Alsto with filletSrf I have to split or trimm manually too, so about workflow is basically the same.