Greek Fonts

I am having Windows 11. Here, Rhino V7.0 is not showing Greek fonts. How do I get them?

Do you mean Greek characters within standard fonts, or a special font typeface?

Can you provide an example please?

Yes, it is the Greek characters within standard fonts when we use TEXT command (please attached).

Is there any other way, e.g., a special font typeface? How can I get it?

Thanks, and regards. Dr. A. K. Kundu.

You’d do it the way you would in any standard Windows text box, enter the code or paste from the character map…if that’s what you’re talking about.

Ηευ Ξιμ (Hey Jim),
Τηατ’σ ολδ σψηοολ - τηερε’σ α βεττερ ςαυ τηεσε δαυσ (That’s old school - there’s a better way these days).

Go into Windows settings and add a Greek keyboard. Then enable the desktop language bar if not already done.
You should end up with a language control in the task bar that will allow you to type in whatever language is showing:

(nb this is Windows 10, hopefully 11 is similar.)

Hope that helps you @Ajoy


Another way to do this if you don’t have a Greek keyboard is to translate them in something like Google Translate:

Then Copy and Paste the translated characters into the Rhino Text tool.

Dear Jeremy,

Success - got it. Many thanks.

Now need practise.

Regards. Ajoy

If you want a Greek keyboard but don’t have a physical one you can use the Windows Onscreen Keyboard which will respond dynamically to the language control. Activate it with [Windows]+[Ctrl]+[O] keys.


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