GRAVITY plugin or feature


I’ve designed a stackable chair in Rhino and now I’d like to see how those chairs are laying on each other naturally (on Rhino screen). Of course I’ve been fine tuning every little detail as good as I can, but the main thing is still missing: the gravity.
(So that I could be sure the chairs are laying on each other as I planned).

Is there a feature in Rhino or a plugin for that purpose?



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I suggest using

stay away from Kangaroo if possible.

Anyways you would need to use Grasshopper for that.

No idea about the Grashopper :frowning:
Any gravity features / plugins without the Grashopper…?

Thank’s, Ivelin!


Use Kangaroo2


Are you sure simulation is needed here?
I’d actually recommend avoiding trying to use a physics engine if this can be solved geometrically.
(like moving the upper chair down while checking for intersections)

I thought Kangaroo is also a Grashopper thing… maybe I give it a try.

Yes, naturally I’ve been detailing the geometry. But it’s not just about the straight up and down movement. It’s also about the balance, and I just can see behind all those details and holes and gaps…
…and also just for curiosity :wink:

Thank’s, guys!