GrasshopperOpen Command

Hi everyone,
Is the command “GrasshopperOpen” now working ?

i have been unable to use it though the rhino command line :

_-GrasshopperOpen C:\some\path\

many thanks

no it is not

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_GrasshopperOpen "C:\directory\directory\"

Is supposed to work, and certainly does work here. Both with Grasshopper loaded and before. Do note that you must include the double-quotes if the path contains spaces, and it’s just generally safer to always include them.

You do not need the hyphen in front of the command, it does not have any UI and therefore does not expose a scriptable version of itself.

That is weird, so I looked into the license info and found out that at work we still use SR12. I will talk to our IT to update to latest release. However, for RH 5 SR12 this does not work. I will post again, when updated…

It won’t matter what Rhino SR you’re running, this is Grasshopper functionality. If there is a bug in the 0.9 version of GH that stops this from working then you’re out of luck. At this point I’m only fixing/adding stuff to GH 1.0 in Rhino6. Sorry.

Oh okay, so for Rhino6/GH 1.0 it works for Rhino5/GH0.9 its not… That’s no problem, I actually don’t need that