Wind tunnel in butterfly

hi all, I am working on airflow file for butterfly and I tried to add weather data to the file which means “wind speed and wind direction” but I don’t have a node in butterfly to figure out them.

also I used ladybug too use wind speed and direction from it but it’s not working also

so I have a question what is the difference between location and other if I can’t use weather data for my location? maybe I have a conflict (435.5 KB)

Hi - Once again, please visit for any questions that are related to the Ladybug Tools (that is, Ladybug, Honeybee, Butterfly, Dragonfly, and EPWMap).

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thanks @wim I’ll do so.

hi! were you able to solve this problem? if so, could you please share with me how… i’ve run into the same issue and am having trouble finding a solution…thanks!