Bundle the output of a C# Plug Ing

Hello everybody,

I build a C# plug in for Grasshopper with a lot of input (36 different parameters and lists). I was wondering if it is possible to bundle some of the input into a few different Plug Ins that have a combined output of a bunch of the parameters. These outputs I would set as input for the main Plug In.

Something like this:

Thanks for your help in advance.


Dear Thomas
i am not sure if I understand your question. (maybe others do ?)
what do you mean with the plural plug-ins ?

do you mean components ?
same for input - output, do you mean custom data-types (IGH_Goo, GH_Goo ) or parameter-input / output of a component ? or parameter-components ?
To which namespace / classes of the [grasshoper-api] are you refereing ? (Grasshopper SDK)

Hello Tom,

thanks for your reply! I’m not very familiar with the Rhino / Grasshopper vocabulary… So, I try to explain better: I build a C#-Component that kind of looks like this, just with many more inputs:


My question is, whether I can bundle the input of this component into several other components, that will bundle the information and will do some precalculations. These components will deliver the reduced input for the main component. Something like this:

With the component on the right being the main component. As I’m not into Grasshopper that deeply, I cannot answer the questions you asked about the namespaces / classes etc… So, my question is, if it is possible to build a component, that has a single output, but this output shall include different data types (parameters, vectors, points, lists).

Thank you for your help in advance

dear @Thomas_P
you can define your own class serving as the desired complex data type.
your data type will hold each data as a property / field.

your data type has to implement GH_Goo

see example here / get started

(the example only has one field / property)

hope this get s you started. kind regards -tom