Grasshopper triangular wall

Can’t seem to figure out a way to scale (or offset) all the triangles simultaneously and loft them before sending them onto smooth and thicken.!
Any suggestions pls?

I had a little free time and wanted to have a look at your definition, but you haven’t uploaded the file.
It is common practice to upload a simplified version of the file with the problem.
Pls have the patience and read this post. It will help you a lot in getting help.

Hi :grinning:

If so … as a mini challenge modify the attached and do what our friend wants - Warning: pay attention to the inward offsets (Note: def is using Lunchbox). (144.5 KB)

You didn’t internalise your polyline vertices…
Anyway take a look at the attachment.Canvas at 22;05;38 (16.0 KB)

Thanks for response, internalise at the loft component? Will look at your file…

NO. He said “polyline vertices”, meaning the ‘V’ inputs (points) to the PLine components. They apparently refer to a Rhino file you didn’t post

FYI to anyone interested in looking at this… @purplecrete’s code needs these plugins:


And @HS_Kim’s code requires Rhino 6 (Eval Srf) and the Human plugin (and the WeaverBird plugin!):


It’s getting harder to follow this forum without Rhino 6. :frowning:

Ok. How does one ‘internalize’ a vertice in Rhino? Thanks
P.S. Yes I have weaverbird and meshedit.

Wonder if there is a smarter way to do this instead of copying the first part of the script 50 times? (for every triangle)

General rule of GH: If you have to copy any sequence of components - you are most likely using gh wrong. At that point, might as well just model manually.


You need to right-click the Pt param and choose “Internalize data” before saving the file.


Or you could read the forum for awhile and learn the basics before posting. So many people don’t do that, so the same things need to be explained over and over, every day.


I noticed that. Better to make to make geometry references explicit with a Param because there may be other reasons to refer directly to those points, especially when multiple components refer to the same list.

Don’t want to add noise to this conversation but I had to answer:
the little free time I had evaporated. But soon I’ll hit you with my first (textual) script!!!
Goodbye world, goodbye sanity!