Triangulate loft

hi @ll,

could you please help me to triangulate my lofts. i have tried to convert to mesh and then triangulate but it messes up the triangles - see screen and .gh Thank you

EDIT - I just see that my attached screen was not correct (16.1 KB)

you forgot to internalise the curves!
I suggest you take 5 minutes and read this:

thanks, updated :slight_smile:

Attached def. was created by seeing only your image.
It will be a little different from your idea… (13.3 KB)

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thank you ! im trying to avoid to array method so the spacing in x direktion can be varied .

?.. Try to use the length slider of Line SDL.

thank you . basically i want to have the possibility to have a vary in the distances.appart from that very nice !!!

hey ,

i think i am getting there - at least for the tesselation. i just have to find out how to equal all branch lists lengh by filling it up with a NULL. plz have a look at the (16.6 KB)