Grasshopper Sweep not maintaining dimension of section

I’m trying to create a parametric window, based on factory drawings of the window. When I sweep the frame in Rhino, it’s perfect, but when I do exactly the same in grasshopper, the section gets wider in the vertices of the sweep rail (a rectangle with the size of the window).
Is there any way to solve it? My alternative solution might be adding diagonal plane to the vertices and trim the excess of individual edges sweeps, but I find it a bit messy.
1st-Sweep with Rhino
2nd-Sweep with Grasshopper (11.4 KB)

the section curve is not internalized in your GH file

Ups! Thank you. Here you have it
Window (16.9 KB)

I would use Sweep2 just because it has the option to create a sweep with the same height, which is what you are looking for

as second rail you can use a random offset of the original -planar- rectangle (inward/outward offset and its size should not change the result)

Window (20.5 KB)

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Thank you!

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