Grasshopper Surface divide and morph box

A while back I used TSplines to create a fireplace that was tied in a knot. So I converted the Tspline to a surface, and exploded it to get a single surface in Rhino.
Now i want to use Divide Domain2 as well as box morph to map another solid onto the surface. When I do so, it scales the solid as per my mesh grid. Which means along the U or the V the boxes aren’t the same size. Since my Tspline has smaller polygons at the edges to keep from having an extremely rounded shape.

Please see attached files, I would like to make my grid of solids as even as possible. Lets pretend it’s a brick pattern, and therefore I really want the brick to read as such.
I tried to rebuildUV on the surface, but didn’t seem to work as I had hoped.

ThanksGH Surface (10.3 KB)
GH Surface Divide.3dm (374.6 KB)