Grasshopper Shoebox model

Dear all,

I have a question about how I can modify an already design in Rhino, in Grasshopper. For example, I have a box model with wall components and floor and ceiling as objects.
How can I modify them in Grasshopper in order to have a different floor area or a different height, but without changing the thicknesses of the walls/floor/ceiling?

Hard to say without more context.

check morphing options in grasshopper, or the twisted box options in the pufferfish plug-in for it - you might be able to get away with that if all you want is to deform a whole assembly of things

as in

please excuse the infantile graphic


It would be better if you could start to make your model from scratch in Grasshopper. What you’re saying is exactly the benefits of parametric modeling when if you make your model from the first place in GH or BIM softwares like Revit or Archicad.

Thank you!!! I believe that as well. It is just that this shoebox model is a box model already made in rhino for research in Architectural projects and I would like to modify it. But I will start from scratch in GH.