Grasshopper modelling

Hi guys,

Grasshopper is really a good tool. The other CAD system has parametric feature, but it is closed parametric feature, not as in Rhino, it is a open parametric feature. However, one thing quite puzzles me: I try to create a modeling tool based on grasshopper. Assume I have a box, my component is to create a hole inside the box. Now after I create a box with a hole in it, then I save the box inside rhino, now rhino has two box, the original box and the modified box: a box with a hole. As the original box is not used any more, so in Rhino, it will be deleted or hide somewhere, so the user has only the modified box. But how can I do the same thing inside grasshopper? I want to keep the modified box and hide the original box somewhere.


@smartunfold ,

Hide the original box OR replace it with the updated “box with a hole in it”?

in R8 the Content Cache can be used to get the original box, modify it in GH (such as cutting a hole), and then push that updated geometry back into the Rhino model in place of the original box.

So you end up with 1 modified box instead of 2 boxes (the original and the modified)

I ran this solution using the Content Cache component. (9.1 KB)