Transform or change dimension of model

Hi everyone,

I’ve got a sink with specific dimensions and i need to change the width and lenght without changing the model.
Scale is not an options as it changes the structure for the sink and the hole get’s oval.
Now these dimensions need to get adjusted someway or another.

For example, the drawed model dimension is 500 x 300 mm.
And i need to get it to 800 x 520 or any other dimension.

Can someone tell me how its done?

My approach would be to redraw the model, rather than to attempt to fix it.

Draw the outerbox
Draw the innerbox with incline (inverse shape) as the box that needs to be taken out
Draw the sink hole (inverse shape)

Boolean the the last two shapes from the first.

If you need a lot of them in different sizes, I would automate these steps in grasshopper.

arendvw Thanks for the fast reply,

I will try to redraw the model, with the knowledge i allready have.
It seems a difficult model to create, but that’s just because i’m fairly new to grasshopper i gues :slight_smile:

I would start by testing the workflow in rhino, just to fiddle around and see if the order of steps is clear and then reproduce in grasshopper afterwards.

In Rhino, with _SolidPtOn you can simply select the points to move and easily change the size without distorting anything.

Hi Amir_Touhidi,

This is also a huge help thanks!