How to map an object made in rhino onto a surface in grasshopper?

This is what I have achieved so far, but i need a specific object i made on rhino to replace these boxes, the boxes have to be hollow like a crate not filled.
The image below is what im trying to do on the surface like the one above, through grasshopper.

The image below is the object i have to map on the surface

Below is the grasshopper script ive used so far (11.0 KB)
try 1.3dm (316.5 KB)

You can deconstruct the boxes with grasshopper by scaling faces, lofting, ect. to thicken them. You can make them meshes and use weaverbird using the picture frame component and the thicken component. Or you can use my Pufferfish twisted box components to turn those boxes into Twisted Boxes and morph the geometry into them.

I should have pointed out in my post that Im new to grasshopper and so everything you just wrote up there is basically gibberish to me :stuck_out_tongue: The script i’m using is picked up from another forum discussion here which i can’t find now.

I’ll make an example later when I have a moment, unless someone else gets to it first.

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Here is 4 ways you can do something like this. Make sure to enable the green groups to make each one work (some ways are heavier than others). One version requires weaverbird which I linked to in my comment above. (91.2 KB)


why not doing a box to box morph. You can model one protobox with Rhino and then simply morph it to the other boxes. Doing it like this would mean being able to build in more detail with ease.

Edit: you already included this, sry :slightly_smiling_face: