Grasshopper script to make sketch / Programme grasshopper pour réaliser des esquisses

Programme grasshopper pour réaliser des esquisses. (132.9 KB)


Bonjour Paco,
I’ve tried the esquisse script but I can’t see any line changes on my drawing I will add it to the post. Perhaps you could tel me why it is not working in my case. I don’t now if it has an impact but I’ve used my Mac Rhino version.

JAMES_BUREAU_AR27_POUR-306.3dm (7.0 MB)

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Hi Wolfius,
I changed the scale of the drawing for rendering. Is your grasshopper preview selected? Or maybe the surfaces are not selected in your rendering mode? Be careful, the lines become surfaces with the program. I hope it’ll be ok.

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Thank you Paco,
apparently I’ve forgot to select the preview. It’s a while that I did use grasshopper. It looks great to me. Next week I will make some more printing tests.