Grasshopper script from a web

Hi everyone,

I have a Grasshopper script that I’d like to access it through a website and currently needs help and please be patient as I am a complete newbie when it comes to all of these web app, windows server things

What I have done
I have run this tutorial successfully on my local PC
Created EC2 using this,
also done this tutorial and this tutorial

Where I am at
Currently this is what shown up when I access my website
so I guess all steps above have been done correctly?

Where I need help
I guess the next step for me is to run the tutorial example (spiky thing) on my website before I go with my own script (because it has some customized components which I have not installed on this VM Rhino) and I feel so stupid not to know how to do this :frowning:

Anyone please…

Hi @user1986 ,

If I’m not wrong, you are trying to access your VM by entering the URL directly on your browser (in a similar way you did with your local server). This is the message you receive when trying this.

After setting up the VM, you must create a client to communicate with the rhino.compute server you’ve just deployed. The API Key you defined must be included in your request to get the response.

As a first try to know if everything was set correctly, you can use Hops. If you want to test the connection in the browser, you can use any of the examples McNeel has in the GitHub repository. This is a good one to start with:

Open the project using VSCode and spin up a server using the Live Server extension. You will be required to enter the rhino.compute URL and your API Key.

Once you get your hands dirty with these examples, I also recommend visiting the AppServer project, an intermediate server between your client and rhino.compute which offers you extra features like storing Grasshopper definitions.

Kind regards,

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Hi Pedro,

Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately none of this works for me.

[Edit] So I found the issue, I created another VM and Hop works just fine, until I assigned elastic IP address to the VM and it stops working. Any ideas why or what I have done wrong?


Hops now works - It does not work whileI remote into VM

The app server works. However it is really slow. It takes minutes for “the spiky thing” example to return a result. Is this because of the t2micro instance? What would be the recommended set up for Rhino?

Assume I get a new VM that works (because I rarely get a hold of anyone here). What next? I do have a website and have configured A record to this VM as well as set up a valid SSL certificate using win-acme like the tutorial. If I go to the website it still says the API Key was not provided. Which is okay, I know it has not been set up yet. But how and where do I start from?