Grasshopper script for rotation

Hello everyone,

Good morning! I would like to ask you about grasshopper scripts. I used the scripts in the picture for my family rotation. As I am trying to change the parameters from the excel, the problem is that when I edit the angle from the excel, the angle rotation does not change immediately. I have to reload the family data again.

When I replaced the family data in the project, the rotation is right as the angle what I inserted in the excel. But sometimes, it changed, but with wrong angle which means* the angle before I changed + the new angle that I inserted. I also have to select the curve for rotation. Am I making wrong? How should I solve that problem?

For example, the angle that I inserted first 90+60 for my rotation
the new angle 90+75, and the updated angle rotation became *90+60+90+75=150+75+90. The excel data is changed only from 60 to 75. So, I only want to change my rotation 90+75. I attached the video and the file so that you could check it. Could you all explain how can I solve?

Thank you, everyone! Have a nice day!

Revit2024.1.rvt (9.9 MB)