Grasshopper Python3 Component Hangs on Initializing Scripting Languages

Just placing the python3 script component hangs Grasshopper.

Moreover, if your rhino window is not fullscreen or if you launched grasshopper covering your rhino window - you would never know. A status update on the component instead of in the rhino window seems like a more legible interface location. I understand that the script editor works outside of grasshopper, but in this case two progress bars is better than none (if one is covered).

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Updated to Release Candidate, Restarted and loads on:

Version 8 SR5
(8.5.24047.13001, 2024-02-16)

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@kta_anypc Makes sense. I’ll improve. Here is the ticket for reference:

RH-80510 Display language init progress on GH component

This is script component initializing language and showing progress bar on gh canvas.

There are still conditions that Rhino status progress bar will be used (e.g. opening a grasshopper definition that would trigger language initialization) since Grasshopper itself does not have a progress bar like rhino, but we will keep improving this.

Perfect! Thanks for the consideration and quick progress!

Ps. Original post was from the office account

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