Grasshopper hangs with Py3 Component

Thanks for the quick update. Unfortunately when I tried to confirm or test at home, found another bug:

@eirannejad can you please verify?

@ChristopherConnock Hey. Sorry for the inconvenience

  • Which Rhino version are you running?
  • Close Rhino
  • Delete the %HOMEPATH%\.rhinocode
  • Relaunch Rhino again and open grasshopper.
  • Drop a script component on the canvas and let it initialize. Currently the progress bar shows up on the status bar in Rhino window
  • If rhino hangs, close rhino
  • Go to %HOMEPATH%\.rhinocode and grab the latest long file under \logs` folder and DM that to me please so I can check for errors

In the other thread I posted (via my work account) that an upgrade fixed it - so I can’t replicate unfortunately.