Software Bug in Rhinoceros 8 Grasshopper's Maths/Script Component

In the latest version of Rhinoceros 8, when attempting to use the battery block from Maths/Script within Grasshopper, users have encountered a mysterious freezing issue. Additionally, there is a persistent error message indicating that the script language initialization is stuck at 6%.


  • Please delete the %HOMEPATH%\.rhinocode and start Rhino
  • Run ScriptEditor command and let it initialize languages
  • Run RhinoCodeLogs, save the logs into a text file and DM me here

I’ll look into the logs to see why/if Python 3 can not initialize

Thank you very much for your reply. Since I mostly use Rhino7 for work, I’ve only done partial testing with Rhino8 and might not be very proficient with it. Anyway, the issue is resolved now, and I appreciate your help once again.

Additionally, there’s a small improvement I’d like to suggest: When writing scripts using the Script Editor in Rhino8, I find that the code suggestions are often unresponsive. This has led me to copy blocks from the old Script Editor in Rhino7 to write my script code.

Lastly, I’ve attached the log from that day, but I’m not sure if it’s what you wanted to see. Thank you.
rhinocode_10172.txt (24 KB)

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I see in the log that it says Using existing runtime. Would you mind deleting the %HOMEPATH%\.rhinocode and start Rhino? then run ScriptEditor command and let it initialize languages and send me the logs from RhinoCodeLogs command

I’d like to see the full logs when editor is trying to initialize python 3 environment from scratch