Grasshopper Python Error Message

Anyone know what could be causing this error message?

Hi Denis - I do not get this message from the example script… what is the input, point objects or point 3d or? I set the type hint for x to be a point3d and wired a collectiion of points to it.

from operator import itemgetter

points = x
pSorted = sorted(points, key= itemgetter(1))

print points
print pSorted
a = points


Huh in the last WIP I still get this message. Actually no python scripts work in grasshopper.

Yeah input was a list of points. I was trying to right something that would let me sort by either x or y values.

@DavidRutten, @stevebaer - any ideas?


Do you have iron python 2.7.3 installed? I had a similar issue and that was the cause.

i do have 2.73.3 installed. I see about removing it to see if that fixes it.

That worked. I installed IronPython 2.7.7 and now everything seems to be working. Thanks again.