Grasshopper Pull Error

Hey guys,

I have two problems:

  1. I’m trying to pull spirals on the srf.
    I’m getting strannge shift between upper and lower crvs pulled on srf.
    Do you have any idea why ?

  2. trying to loft items from two branches of one tree, no success. Do you know how to do it ?

Many thanks in advance!

Spirals Test.3dm (215.4 KB)

Spiral (9.2 KB)

That’s not an error.
Your surfaces are not tangent each-other:

(Zebra analysis)

More than tangency continuity a curvature continuity would be even better…

Then loft works with a list (a single branch) of curves. Each different list (branch) will be a different resulting surface.
If you add a “Flip matrix” before your loft component it will make something.

I think it would be best for you to first rebuild your polysurface into a single periodic surface with tangency/curvature continuity at the seam, and then work with that instead.


Thank you !

OK, I’ll work on the surface than.

And thanks for the tip with Flip Matrix, so useful! Loft works at it should now