Grasshopper Sweep 2 between spirals error

Hey guys,

I’m trying to create the srf between two bent crvs. Loft gives not enough satisfying results, so I’ve tried to sweep2.
Any idea why it looks so strange?
thanks in advance :raised_hands:

190611_sweep2 (6.6 KB) 190611_sweep2_Test.3dm (67.7 KB)

Like this?
190611_sweep2 (6.4 KB)

Thank you <3

Hey again,

I need to apply sweep to really many crvs. Is it possible to set all the curves to one definition?
I’ve tried with merge component: it didn’t work out well…

Grateful for your help!
190612_sweep2 (11.6 KB) 190612_sweep2_Test_2.3dm (85.2 KB)

Here is one method.
190612_sweep2 (13.0 KB)