Grasshopper projecting curves onto hemisphere

I am trying to project some curves which are located within a hemisphere outwards onto the hemisphere. I specified the vectors and directions so that the projection only goes outwards onto hemisphere but the results show the curves have been projected outwards but also in the reversed direction (inwards) so I have two projections for every curve. But selecting item 0 does not bring up all the curves projected in one direction but a mixture of curves projected in both outward and inward directions. The same for selecting item 1. I am guessing the direction of half the original curves needs to be flipped in order for this to happen?
What else do you suggest I do?
csheacurve%20to%20project%20brep projected%20curve%20item0 projected%20curve%20item1 compressed frames rhino (22.7 KB)

How about using Pull Curve?

compressed frames rhino (25.6 KB)

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Are you in fact about cartesian to polar? If so have some fun with the attached (but is code only). (131.2 KB)

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Hi Kim
that works!! thanks!!