Grasshopper Plug-in Developer Needed

Simbiotek Design Lab is looking for an experienced Grasshopper Developer to create a new plug-in. This plug-in’s purpose is to actuate a series of mechanical pins for the purpose of creating pre-cast architectural panels in an industrial setting. The intent is to hire by contract for a feasibility study that may lead to a full time position based on performance. The first task is to complete cost estimate for the development of this plug-in.

Plug-in specs:

  • does not require native C/C++ code
  • does require C# language
  • RhinoCommon is the SDK

A successful candidate will demonstrate:

  • a familiarity with Rhino and Grasshopper
  • capability of separating out business logic from the GH and Rhino UI layers

If interested please email

You might also want to post the same message on the Grasshopper community site.

– Dale

Good call!



This is a lame question but should I post this under a general discussion,
blog post, listings,etc on the grasshopper forum? Do you work with Dan
Belcher by any chance?


I don’t hang out on the Grasshopper community site all that much. But you might get more interest if you post in the “VB, C# and Python Coding” section.

There is a also a “Jobs & Portfolios” category on this site that is worth posting in too.

As for “awesome” Dan Belcher, yes I do work with him.

I also recommend putting this on twitter using the #gh3d hashtag

I just did