Grasshopper Player expression not working

I have a cloud of points with user attributes and want to place my blocks at these points depending on the attributes (I use Elefront)

Within Grasshopper everything works fine, but not in grasshopper player. First I thought that the player can’t handle more than one block.
But now I found out, that my filter (expression) won’t work properly. I included text tags showing me the attributes and another with the result of the simple expression-filter - the second just doesn’t bake.

Any suggestions why the expression won’t work? (12.4 KB)
GHP_expressionError.3dm (61.3 KB)

solved it with a ridiculous simple python script.
doesn’t explain why the expression doesn’t run in the player :thinking:

Hi Jess -

I don’t have Elefront but the expression seems to work fine in this simple example: (11.9 KB)

My bad. It’s the “Text” Node i included in my script. :grimacing: